Harvest 2021

The barley and wheat harvest is underway, albeit in fits and starts. A spell of prolonged sunshine would be good, but the weather forecast doesn’t look too promising, much like the harvest yields and quality. Heigh Ho! Such is farming. An intermittent service may be resumed here. Partly, because it’s harvest and I’ve posted aContinue reading “Harvest 2021”

harvest 2014

  Harvest is now in full swing. The first of the wheat was combined over the weekend and today it’s being loaded into lorries to be taken to the central co-operative grain store. Larger, more efficient machinery means that the combine can cut four times the acreage in a day than we cut ten yearsContinue reading “harvest 2014”

on the farm in July

On the farm, all is calm. Today.  Weather reports are checked every couple of hours, the barns have been swept and wheel nuts checked on trailers. All working parts on anything that moves have been cleaned with the air line or greased or banged with a large hammer. The fields have gradually changed in colourContinue reading “on the farm in July”