Spring Rituals

Spring has arrived. If you need dates to fix the seasons, then spring either started on Wednesday (the spring equinox) or on 1st March if you use the meteorological definition. Looking around here, it feels as though spring is slowly rolling in. It’s been slightly warmer and a lot less windy than earlier in theContinue reading “Spring Rituals”

the garden in May

    Smelling: lilac Sowing: runner beans, French beans, carrots, beetroot and salad leaves Harvesting: asparagus and rhubarb Watching: parsley and chard go to seed Some years our vegetable planting is planned in January, seeds are bought in good time and diligently sown in gutters in the greenhouse or in well prepared seed beds inContinue reading “the garden in May”

in the garden – June 2013

This month I am linking up with Lizzie of Strayed from the Table for The Garden Share Collective.  The aim is to create a community of bloggers who share their vegetable patches, container gardens and the herbs they grow on their window sills. Where our vegetable garden is situated used to be a very bumpy grassed area, known asContinue reading “in the garden – June 2013”