Making the most of the raspberry crop

August weather is always a bit changeable and as soon as the combine rolls into the field, you can be sure that rainclouds will follow. As ever, this year there has been much dashing about while the sun shines interspersed with hopeful weather forecast consultation while the rain pours down outside. On the plus side,Continue reading “Making the most of the raspberry crop”

Raspberry Loaf Cake

In summer and early autumn, the fruit and vegetables from the garden are picked and the house fills with the sweet smell of jam-making and the all-pervading vinegary aroma of chutney making. Fruit compotes, crumbles and pies are frozen, cordials and liqueurs bottled and tomatoes roasted and pureed so that by the start of winter thereContinue reading “Raspberry Loaf Cake”

my commute

Yesterday I helped Beth on the Slamseys Drinks stand at an agricultural show. It took an hour and a half to drive there and made us very grateful that our normal commute to work consists of strolling through the orchard past the ducks as they preen themselves at the side of the pond and haveContinue reading “my commute”