A Different Perspective

This week, the theme for the Creative Challenge at Slamseys Journal has been “A different perspective” so I’ve spent the week trying to look at things differently. When your daughter buys gin in 1000 litre IBCs, taking out the empties takes on a different perspective.   This field of beans looks quite different when viewedContinue reading “A Different Perspective”

Diary of an Essex week

Sister has rented the Grayson Perry designed House for Essex for weekend and invited selected persons to share experience. Delighted to be one of said selected persons and sally forth to wilds of Wrabness. Amazed and entranced by house. Ponder ways of introducing infinity mirror corridor and moped chandelier into own house. House party setsContinue reading “Diary of an Essex week”

Anyone for a Trolley Tea?

Over winter, the extra time inside has led to a build-up of general clutter and “things” until I could stand it no longer and decided to sweep through the house getting rid of the excess. Out went the fiction books that will never be re-read, the clothes that won’t be worn again and things thatContinue reading “Anyone for a Trolley Tea?”