Spring Rituals

Spring has arrived. If you need dates to fix the seasons, then spring either started on Wednesday (the spring equinox) or on 1st March if you use the meteorological definition. Looking around here, it feels as though spring is slowly rolling in. It’s been slightly warmer and a lot less windy than earlier in theContinue reading “Spring Rituals”

Summer Alert!

The sun is shining, the thermometer is hovering in the high 20s and Met Office has declared a level three heatwave alert *. While MPs debate whether employers should be legally forced to provide air conditioning to combat high temperatures and commuters face delays as rail companies reduce train speeds for fear of hot railsContinue reading “Summer Alert!”

my week in photos

  I’ve tried so hard to love Instagram. It’s fun to see what my nieces and nephews are up to even if I don’t understand the terminology sometimes; Nancy’s photos of street scenes from Shanghai amaze me;  the work of Elle as she photographs the process of taxidermy enthralls me. I like impromptu photos. JustContinue reading “my week in photos”

jelly printing with a gelatine plate

Even though it was purely the name that drew me in  (because I love jelly)  jelly printing has proved to be tremendous fun. Jelly Printing is a bit random; there’s no guarantee that when you lift the paper you’ll get exactly the print you were expecting. Over time the Gelatine Printing Plate changes too, whichContinue reading “jelly printing with a gelatine plate”