Essex Huffer Bread Rolls

The Essex huffer is a triangular shaped bread roll peculiar to Essex (some might say, not the only pecularity of Essex). Huffers are substantial and won’t fall apart, making them perfect for food on the move; tractor drivers can eat them one-handed during long harvest hours and huffers emerge relatively unscathed from the depths ofContinue reading “Essex Huffer Bread Rolls”

On The Farm In April

The weather has been good here, with some gloriously sunny days that have dried out the fields so that land work has resumed on the farm. We managed to plant 1400 tiny Christmas trees earlier this week, mathematically agriculturally marked out using a spade, old electric fencing posts and baler twine. Standing only 30 centimetresContinue reading “On The Farm In April”

meals in fields

During harvest, meals become moveable feasts both in location and timing. At regular intervals through the day, empty flasks and cold boxes are dumped on the shelf in the grain store to be replenished. Food has to withstand the rigours of bumping up and down on tractors as they rush down rough tracks and beContinue reading “meals in fields”

5 good things for Easter

five good things for Easter … ONE: Playing with fire as we try out some ideas for  courses at Slamseys Art. Foraging walk with lunch cooked on the campfire anyone? TWO: Bread Huffers, which seemed appropriate for Easter time. THREE: Cross Buns. Hot Cross Buns today. Toasted Cross Buns tomorrow. Bread and Butter pudding forContinue reading “5 good things for Easter”