Harvest 2021

The barley and wheat harvest is underway, albeit in fits and starts. A spell of prolonged sunshine would be good, but the weather forecast doesn’t look too promising, much like the harvest yields and quality. Heigh Ho! Such is farming. An intermittent service may be resumed here. Partly, because it’s harvest and I’ve posted aContinue reading “Harvest 2021”

A Summer’s Day

The challenge today on Slamseys Journal is to spend fifteen minutes sketching the everyday and while I’m not going to share my sketches, I’m more than happy to share the everyday happenings on a summer’s day here. At last, the wheat harvest has started. The combine roared into this field this morning and has beenContinue reading “A Summer’s Day”

Last of the Summer Roses

The roses in the garden are reaching the end of flowering with more dead heads than flowers and green rosehips forming. They’ve lasted well this year, but along with most of the flowers in the garden, they’re past their best for this summer. Each year there’s a bit of a battle between Beth and IContinue reading “Last of the Summer Roses”

meals in fields

During harvest, meals become moveable feasts both in location and timing. At regular intervals through the day, empty flasks and cold boxes are dumped on the shelf in the grain store to be replenished. Food has to withstand the rigours of bumping up and down on tractors as they rush down rough tracks and beContinue reading “meals in fields”