The View from the Back Door


Every morning, I pull on my boots to take Morris the fox terrier for a walk and open the back door. Each day the view changes imperceptibly. This is the current view.

herb bed

Four raised herb beds outside the back door, though this bed has been infiltrated by lady’s mantle, antirrhinum and aquilegia, which can stay because I like them. Just close enough to dash out barefoot to grab a few herbs mid-way through cooking.

hen on chair

The fruit trees just beyond the herb beds. It’s good to see that this chair is getting some use. In my mind, I spend lazy Sunday afternoons sitting in the shade of the crab apple tree reading a good book.  In reality, the hen makes more use of the chair.


Every time I walk through this rose arch, I breathe in the delicious scent of the roses and brush past the lavender. There is a bit of ducking as I pass through the arch (must push back that branch so that it grows over the arch and not across) and a little sidestep to avoid the stinging nettles (must pull them out). While the roses are flowering, the pathway is strewn with rose petals, which would be rather more romantic if the main user of the path wasn’t the postman. I hope Colin appreciates them.


first day of summer rain on the window

This is the view today before I opened the back door. Rain. And then more Rain. On the first day of summer. Let’s hope it isn’t a foretaste of the months ahead.

What do you see from your back door? Put up some photos somewhere, send me the link and I’ll share it here. It would be good to know what we all see.

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