December Diary

As usual, December has passed in a blur and find myself surprised that Christmas Day is just over a week away. How did that happen?  Have been trying to find balance between keeping Decorations Barn look reasonably full against not having to carry over too much stock to next year. Shelves looking a little bareContinue reading “December Diary”

How to Make a Country Style Christmas Wreath

At this time of year, it’s good to take time out from the frantic Christmas rush and clear your head. My favourites are to get out into the fresh air and to do something creative, so what better than taking a pair of secateurs and snipping some greenery to make a Christmas wreath. While IContinue reading “How to Make a Country Style Christmas Wreath”

Sloe Down for Christmas

Tomorrow we will open the Christmas Shop for the last time this year. There will be last minute buyers for Christmas trees and decorations, people stocking up with Slamseys Gin and the final customers will collect their turkeys and geese. At noon we’ll shut the doors of the Christmas barns and walk to the plantationContinue reading “Sloe Down for Christmas”