Carrying home the Christmas tree

No matter how prepared we think we are, the first day of selling Christmas trees always sneaks up and almost catches us out. All week Bill and Jack have filled the Christmas Tree Barn with trees, set out the tree stands  and hung up the first wreaths  on the display board. There was a slightContinue reading “Carrying home the Christmas tree”

Choosing a Christmas Tree

It was interesting to read Sam’s account (at A Coastal Plot) of buying her Christmas tree because it’s not something I ever do. So, in contrast, here’s the view from the other side of the sales counter. Our visitors’ ages range from babes in arms to the very aged. We have customers who love everyContinue reading “Choosing a Christmas Tree”

On the farm in December

On the farm, there’s not much to do in the fields apart from keeping the pigeons off the oilseed rape crop, which means the gas guns need checking to make sure there’ll still working and haven’t been vandalised or stolen, the scarecrows and various whirling, blowing and flapping devices need moving around the field andContinue reading “On the farm in December”