Making the Most of Blackberries

At this time of year, there are blackberries to be found all over the place, from the slightly run down corner of the car park in town, in the country park or in the hedgerows around the farm. Food for free. Who can resist? Blackberry Picking There’s a certain nostalgia attached to blackberry picking. IContinue reading “Making the Most of Blackberries”

the edible hedge in September

In September, the edible hedge and all the other hedges around the fields are filled with berries and fruits. It is certainly one of the best months of all for foraging. The blackberries are in their prime just now, the rosehips and hawthorn berries are ripe, wild pears and crab apples are ready to use and the sloesContinue reading “the edible hedge in September”

in my kitchen October

Every month bloggers join in with Celia to write about what’s happening in their kitchen. This is a relaxed group (no rules or schedules or invited members only) where we get the chance to peek into everyone’s kitchens to see what they’re up to. It’s bit like dropping in for a sociable chat and aContinue reading “in my kitchen October”

an edible hedgerow

  Like most Essex farms, our fields are bounded by hedgerows that combine with woods and ponds to form the traditional patchwork of countryside. In the last century, this country lost miles of hedgerows as farmers, fuelled by grants and government backing, enlarged their fields to accommodate modern agricultural machinery and increase production. Now, inContinue reading “an edible hedgerow”