on the farm in February

The fields are still wet and muddy and the days on the farm in February start grey and murky. The water on the public footpath in The Ley field, in the photo above, has now receded back into the ditch but the path has widened from 1.5 metres to nearly ten metres in places asContinue reading “on the farm in February”

Slamseys Art in The Barley Barn

The Barley Barn stands in the corner of our farm yard. To the east are the traditional farm buildings – the old cowshed, another old Essex barn and the house while to the west is the working farm yard with modern grain stores and sheds. The Barley Barn was probably built around 1800 and appearsContinue reading “Slamseys Art in The Barley Barn”

Christmas wreath making

I don’t decorate inside the house until Christmas Eve, when we bring in the tree and greenery but I thought it would be nice to put a cheery wreath on our door. We have a selection of wreaths, that we sell alongside our Christmas trees, and I could just unhook one and spirit it away.Continue reading “Christmas wreath making”