Twiggy Christmas Tree

twiggy Christmas tree

wall hanging christmas tree

If you’re looking for a Christmas tree to hang on the wall, then this is an easy way to make one.

make a twiggy christmas tree

Cut your twigs into graduated lengths.

make a twig christmas tree

Rather than faff around measuring everything, I made a guide using duplo and laid the branches out.

make a hanging christmas tree

Take a length of twine almost 5 times as long as your intended tree. At the halfway mark, attach the string to a curtain ring. and sellotape the ring onto the duplo block to keep it in place at the top of the tree. Now just tie your branches together. As you can see, I used a rubber and pieces of card to wedge the smallest branches so that they didn’t move about. The string needs to be taut if you want the tree to hang straight. I’m no expert on knots, so I used what I think could be a clove hitch, which allowed me to jiggle the branches up or down a little when it was finished to make sure they were straightish.

rope ladder christmas tree

Hang the tree by the curtain ring and decide if you want to trim off the strings from the bottom or dangle something on them. Maybe you have a large bead or decoration you could hang from the centre of the bottom branch to make a trunk.

wigh christmas trees with lightsadd a star and string up some lights

a christmas tree from twigs

attach some decorations and you have your twiggy Christmas tree.