Make a heart shaped wreath

heart wreath

To make your wreath you’ll need willow, hazel or similar flexible branches. The best time to cut these is in early spring when they’re still supple but bare of leaves.


how to make a willow heart

You’ll need six whippy branches about 140 centimetres long, some florists wire and twine or raffia.

Use the branches as soon as you’ve cut them so that they’re still flexible and bend them into a U shape. They won’t hold their shape but they will stay a bit bent. Divide into two bunches of three and lay them on the table with the thin twiggy ends crossing over diagonally  and wire these ends together.


how to make a willow heart step 2

Now, take the thick end of the left hand bunch and bend it over so that it crosses the right hand bunch about 25cms above the wired crossover. Wire it into place and then repeat with the right hand bunch onto the left, threading the branches through the already bent branches, rather than simply laying them on top, as this will hold the shape better.


Use twine or raffia to cover the wire (or holding the branches in place, remove the wire and replace with twine, raffia, ribbon or whatever). Trim the thick ends of the branches to neaten and use a piece of twine or ribbon to make a hanging loop.

willow heart wreath


Decorate. You can wire in your decorations but I just poked flowers in as I shall replace them when they start to die.

Hang. On a door or from a tree or bracket where it will turn in the breeze. Hang it inside. Hang it outside.


The wreath will last for ages so you can decorate it through the year. I’ve made a stack of hearts (because they’re so easy) and shall decorate them with roses in summer, perhaps with a little lavender threaded through and in autumn they can be decorated with rosehips and ivy. If you’re handy with the crochet hook then you could crochet a multitude of flowers as Elizabeth did here.