printing fabric labels

jelly print book in fabric gift wrap

How to print fabric labels:

print your own fabric labels

Freezer paper is widely available from craft shops in the UK. I used white cotton fabric (an old sheet would do the job).

Cut some freezer paper slightly larger than A4 size, lay it on top of your fabric with the shiny side down and iron it so that the plastic coating fuses the paper to the fabric.

Then, using a rotary cutter, trim your bonded paper and fabric to A4 size to leave a clean edge with no hanging threads. Believe me, your printer or photocopier will not like loose threads.

Inkjet printer method: Draft your labels, using a program such as Word or Publisher. Remember to leave space for turning in the edges or folding the label, depending on how you’re going to finish off and attach your label.

Load the bonded fabric and paper into your inkjet printer and print using an appropriate paper and ink setting.


Photocopier method: Draw or print your label design onto plain paper and then photocopy onto the bonded fabric and paper.

You should now have a sheet of fabric printed with your label design. Peel the paper away from the fabric and iron the labels to heat set the ink. Cut out and sew onto your creation.