Violet Syllabub

violet syllabub

I love syllabub, mainly because it’s so easy to make but also because a little goes a long way. My little custard glasses only hold about two tablespoons but after a filling main course, when you just need a small taste of sweetness, they’re big enough for a serving of syllabub.

You do of course need to use a teaspoon to complete the illusion of a proper pudding.

This is my violet version.

Violet Syllabub

  • Servings: 4 tiny cups
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Violet Syllabub

1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons Violet Liqueur (see instructions below)
2 tablespoons violet sugar or caster sugar
150ml double cream
Wild Violet and Primrose Flowers and violet sugar to decorate

Stir the caster sugar into the lemon juice and violet liqueur. Add the cream and whisk until floppy.

Spoon into four small glasses and chill for an hour.

Decorate with a scattering of spring flower petals and a pinch of violet sugar.

How to make Violet Sugar

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