favourite blogs

I have thought long and hard about whether to include a blogroll because I fear I won’t keep it updated.  I dip in and out of blogs. I read every post on a blog for months and then the feed fails, I don’t notice and never read the blog again. I click on the follow button and the next five posts are photos of cats sitting on multicoloured crocheted rugs so I unfollow. I like a little variety so I get bored with one track blogs. Sometimes the blogs fade away and don’t get updated. Sometimes they’re updated every day with long posts and I can’t keep up. Sometimes I just get fed up.

But there are some blogs where I read every post; blogs that provoke or make me smile; blogs that I learn from or inspire me;  blogs that make me wish I was there or glad that I’m not.

So, here a few of my favourites though it’s by no means an exhaustive list of blogs I read.


Annie Cholewa artisan, photographer, author

Beef and Sweet Teasouthern farm. simple charms

City Hippy Farm Girl trying to live a simple life, city style

Coal Valley View –  adventures on a farm in the Coal River Valley of Tasmania, Australia

Fig Jam and Lime Cordial – living well in the urban village

Frog Pond Farm – a New Zealand organic garden blog by Julie Bonner

Gather and Graze – thoughts on how to choose, prepare and eat delicious food

HIJK Lempo Bee – life’s good, especially when I can squeeze in some sewing

Mrs Thomasina Tittlemouse – cooking, crochet, sewing

Passion Fruit Garden – grow it, make it, cook it, bake it

Rusty Duck – looking for a quieter life

Table of Colors simple pleasures

The Fig Treean English girl’s adventures in New Zealand

The Garden Deli – notes and recipes from an edible garden

The Kitchens Garden a daily short blog about life on a little farm

The Shady Baker – farming life, cooking, growing food and taking photos

and some websites you may be interested in (aka shameless family promotion):

Slamseys Art – creative workshops in the beautiful Barley Barn on the farm

Slamseys Drinks – London Gin infused with fruits and flowers from the farm

Slamseys Farm – our farm website

Daisyley –  personalised bunting and tags