a purple phase

We are going through a purple phase. The artichokes are flowering, the verbena is attracting the bees alongside the fading lavender and we’re eating purple meals. The problem is that though the vegetables are growing fast (I turn my back for a moment to find the courgettes have doubled in size and the runner beansContinue reading “a purple phase”

on the farm this week

This week we’ve had sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine! A quick walk along the farm track shows how quickly the crops are ripening. The wheat in Gardeners Field is just beginning to turn from green to golden. The countdown to harvest is beginning with trailers checked over, barns swept and paperwork prepared. The pods onContinue reading “on the farm this week”

spam, spam, spam

Dear Oz Please do not email me any more tips about losing fat. I will not, under any circumstances, open your email. Dear “Number Witheld” Please stop phoning to tell me how you’re working for the government to save me money on my electricity. You may say that you’re not selling me anything, but IContinue reading “spam, spam, spam”