Hello, my name is Anne. Welcome to Life in Mud Spattered Boots.

I’ve spent much of my life in mud spattered boots, hence the title for the blog.

I grew up on a farm in the days when children disappeared outside after breakfast and returned home for meal times and we spent the school holidays making dens and playing in all sorts of unsuitable places, exploring the countryside on bikes and riding ponies. I wanted to be like the girls in the books I read, who galloped ponies through the sea and slept under the stars. However, I was more like the Thelwell cartoons – a small girl bouncing around on a fat little pony.

Now, many decades later, I have a happy life on our family farm in Essex pursuing a variety of passions and enthusiasms, some of which I’ve written about on the blog.

I believe that a walk in the fresh air lifts the spirits; that tea should be made with tea leaves in a teapot; that we should use our hands to make things but accept that the doing is as important as the result; that home grown, home cooked food tastes delicious; that change is generally a good thing; that my happiest moments are those spent with family and friends.


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