Harvest 2021

heap of wheat in grain store
straw lying in swath in wheat stubble field

The barley and wheat harvest is underway, albeit in fits and starts. A spell of prolonged sunshine would be good, but the weather forecast doesn’t look too promising, much like the harvest yields and quality. Heigh Ho! Such is farming.

An intermittent service may be resumed here. Partly, because it’s harvest and I’ve posted a photo every harvest since 2011 here or on the original farm blog and it seems strange not to do the same again this year and partly because a few blogs have reappeared recently, which have provided a little spark of inspiration.

10 thoughts on “Harvest 2021

  1. I was just thinking of you the other day – and wondering how life is going at your farm … Perhaps it is because I am looking out at the Northumbrian grain fields around our house, and wondering when they will be harvested, and so often that chimes with what you have written … Mixed feelings for me as an onlooker because I love the gold fields and as soon as they are harvested they are ploughed up to brown, but I do understand how deeply difficult it is for those of you in the farming industry. Sending you very best wishes for warm drying sunshine! And please don’t give up your blog!

  2. Lovely to hear from you again. Good luck with the harvest. With our constantly changing climate a farmer’s lot just gets harder every year! Andy

  3. So good to hear from you. I love this blog for its interesting insights to a way of life very different to mine, for its amazing creativity and the beauty of its images. Like another commentator, I was thinking of you recently when my home was filled with the smell of your oven dried tomatoes. (Friends consume these with indecent haste.) My efforts with envelope art failed miserably because I lack talent, which means I appreciate all the more in others. Thank you. I hope this is the first of many messages.

  4. Living in the city, I miss harvest time. I grew up with combine harvester background noise at this time of year, which was in strange way a comforting sound. It seemed to be day and night but that might just be a inaccurate memory.

    1. I agree Christina – the background noise of a combine harvester is a very comforting sound. Less comforting is when it stops in the middle of the day, which always spells trouble.

  5. Good to see you here again, Anne. I hope by now that most of your harvest is in. Our local farmers have been going crazy this week, trying to get it all done before this weekend’s rain.

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