Lockdown Diary Month One

Have shunned all social contact for one month. Every day, thank my lucky stars that I have a garden and that I’m not on my own or worse, stuck with someone I don’t want to be with.

Life much the same as before. Farm work continues as usual and still plenty to do in the farm office after my thirty second commute (which you can watch here). No cakes or biscuits to bake for printmaking classes as they’ve been cancelled. Garden under control with vegetable seeds in ground and some green shoots just discernible. Blossom on fruit trees is glorious.

Paper boat made from old print

Fully intended to use this isolation time for number of creative projects. Had brief obsession making paper boats, which led to reading this article about the elderly but relevant to us all at present and pulling out CD (see below) to listen to this song again. Ongoing exercise to print circle on old book page each day and do something with it. Bit weird and may not last. Other creative projects still a list in head.

Haven’t managed to secure delivery slot for groceries so relying on efficient daughter Beth who had booked several pre-lockdown. Trying to keep order to minimum as she is buying for five households so meals are basic and wholesome. Like they used to be decades ago when spaghetti came in tins and avocado was a rare luxury. Or just a bath colour.

Decided to Kondo the drinks cupboard instead of restocking (see above). Finished small bottle of Benedictine given to us c1983 when people had dinner parties and drank liqueurs from tiny glasses with their coffee. Just enough tequila and Grenadine syrup (only nine years out of date and solid in bottom of bottle) for Friday night Tequila Sunrise in reprise of my Eighties cocktail enthusiasm. Moved on to spark 1990s joy of Roger & Tonic.

Dragged out vinyl music collection for evening entertainment. Noticed several albums borrowed from sisters have not been returned. Some records enthusiastically taken from sleeve but not as good as remembered. Others surprisingly good and made me quite nostalgic for my youth. Briefly. Progressed to CD collection and rediscovered much music. Discussed the aptness of our Isolation Songs* -Bill’s is Louis Armstrong singing What a Wonderful World and mine is Woodstock sung by Matthews’ Southern Comfort.

Feel parts of life have slipped back decades. Suspicions confirmed when broadband disappeared over Easter.

Wonder how much life will change post-lockdown. To quote Joni Mitchell’s Woodstock lyrics “I feel just like a cog in something turning”

* Number One in the singles chart on your 12th birthday.


12 thoughts on “Lockdown Diary Month One

  1. Thanks for the song. I didn’t know this artist and will explore. Yes, I think some things have been reorganized nicely in the house and I can’t get a delivery either! But I’m going out wearing a mask every couple weeks or so and carefully using everything in turn. It’s funny how I’ve gone through all my music as well–it’s so lovely to hear again, and there wasn’t always time before. So that’s something.

    1. I love Kate Rusby’s music – we were supposed to be seeing her live in a few days time. I’ve enjoyed the conscious decisions I have to make when picking out records and CDs, instead of just hitting the shuffle button.

  2. Enjoyed sharing your commute back from work (I didn’t know you could do that with Instagram, thanks for the tech tip) and introducing me to Kate, I listened to some of her other songs. The paper boat blog was an interesting read, she is someone who has true compassion for both her patients and there relatives. I have thought for sometime that it is no fun being old (frail) anywhere in the western world even before this virus came along. We do have to be thankful if we have health, family and a lovely environment to live in.

    1. Maybe when this is all over we’ll be a bit more thankful for all we have instead of taking it for granted.

  3. Your point about sharing the lockdown with someone you like is a good one – it must be very hard otherwise. I have settled in very comfortably, we are doing alright (fingers crossed) in Australia, but I do worry about my daughter and her family in London … but you prompted me to find the number one songs of the year I turned 12 (1967) and what a great year it was! Penny Lane, Ruby Tuesday, and for my birthday To Sir With Love. I still love that song, it always brings a lump to my throat. It is good to rediscover music isn’t it? I have been listening to Nick Drake, who I only discovered a few years ago. Keep safe!

    1. I discovered a Nick Drake album in our vinyl collection – must be Bill’s – but we didn’t get round to that one. I’ll have to listen.

  4. I agree Anne, in some ways life does feel like it has slipped back into the past. For us mail day has always been a happy day but now it feels like it did when I was much younger, when the mail delivery was one of our major contacts with the outside world. We are also back to cooking with more pantry staples as we have minimized our trips to town. Perhaps there are a lot of excess things we could actually do without post-lock down.

    I love your paper boat. I often dream of owning a tiny wooden boat that I could potter around in, not that we have anywhere to float a boat apart from our dams, but that is hardly the point! Take care.

    1. Ahh, the dream of idly pottering around somewhere in a boat! Appealing isn’t it? Maybe the attraction of a paper boat is setting sail with hopes and dreams on a small scale.
      You’re right Jane about doing without things after lockdown. It’s made me realise what I value and what’s of little or no consequence.

    1. You have full bottles? We’ve reached the back of the shelf now so occasionally we taste it, spit it, tip the bottle. Of course we have the back-up of a half full 1,000L container of gin in Beth’s unit, which is always a comfort 🙂

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