The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Did you know we had a pet tiger roaming through the house? Who loves to sit with the grandchildren and read stories? You can guess his favourite.

In these days of social distancing, our family WhatsApp feed is filled with quizzes, shopping lists and “Have you tried this?”, the latest being that you can get 3D images of animals in your home. Who knew?

Open Google on your phone and search for an animal like tiger, alligator or giant panda. Scroll down and tap on View in 3D. Move your phone around and the animal should appear. You can resize it or move it around the room and then take a photo.

Hours of fun!


3 thoughts on “The Tiger Who Came To Tea

  1. I love this! Don’t alas have grandchild nearby – all socially distanced miles away – but it’s bringing out my inner child. And who doesn’t need to release that inner child in times like this?! 🙂

  2. Sent this info to a niece house-bound with three boys under 6 years. I’ll let you know if they like it.

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