A Summer’s Day

The challenge today on Slamseys Journal is to spend fifteen minutes sketching the everyday and while I’m not going to share my sketches, I’m more than happy to share the everyday happenings on a summer’s day here.

At last, the wheat harvest has started. The combine roared into this field this morning and has been steadily working up and down all day.

heap of wheat in barn

The wheat heap is slowly building in the barn. Always a good sight to see.

glass of home made lemon squash

There’s time for a  drink of home-made lemon squash in the shade. The bull you can see in the background is made from recycled tools and bits of farm implements and stands in the place that used to be the bull’s pen. If you lift his tail or tickle his balls, a bell rings.

carrots, courgettes, beetroot, onions, runner beans, French beans in trug

Supper tonight, freshly picked from the garden. Carrots, peas, courgettes, beetroot, spring onion (yes, it is enormous), French and runner beans. I shall make HFW’s Half-the-garden-soup but add some potatoes and Feta cheese and call it stew. Supper has been put back three times so far as lorry drivers have rung to say they’ll be coming this evening to collect wheat. Luckily this isn’t a fussy dish that needs split second timing.

bowl of raspberries

Raspberries for pudding. The summer raspberries have just about finished and the autumn fruiting ones are just ripening. Unfortunately, the wasps have also discovered them so the raspberries have to be picked carefully to avoid getting stung.

Sometimes, I take the everyday things for granted but, to quote Evan Davis “It’s not a bad idea to occasionally spend a little time thinking about things you take for granted. Plain everyday things.”

4 thoughts on “A Summer’s Day

  1. Hello! I’m a new follower and I tried to post a comment earlier but I’m not sure what happened. If you see a strange comment… as if it was half written- I apologize.

    I loved this post. Real life. Savoring the ordinary 😊

    Best wishes from rural Japan

    1. No strange half written comments 🙂 – it must have disappeared into the ether. Thank you for following.

  2. Love the bull Anne! Farmer creativity at its best! Isn’t it funny how children pick flowers without stalks? Your vegetables and raspberries look perfect.

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