Diary of a Frugal Knitter (continued)

October 2018

Decided to knit blanket with spare and unravelled wool. Recorded progress here and was asked “How wide is 600 stitches?” Hurriedly took out tape measure and rather upset to find blanket was 3 metres wide. How ridiculous.

November 2018

Knitted several rows while pondering problem of blanket that is too wide. Wondered if it could be used as bedcover. Calculated required length approximately 250 centimetres. Chance of completing – nil.

December 2018

Blanket continued to grow slowly. Still undecided how to remedy width problem. Shut blanket in cupboard during Christmas festivities.

January 2019

Opened cupboard while searching for something else and surprised to find blanket therein. Took out and resolved to deal with size problem. Had brainwave and decided to cut blanket in half and join two pieces together in more sensible way. Unsure how this would be achieved but knitted one row with middle section in stocking stitch to mark steek.

February 2019

Skipped off to Australia, all thoughts of knitting abandoned.

March 2019

Picked up knitting needles again. Happy that bulk of knitting kept knees warm on cold evenings, particularly after recent basking in Australian sunshine. Slightly perplexed to reach section of stocking stitch. Remembered decision to steek just in time. Slow progress because it’s so wide.

April 2019

Very little unravelled wool and half-used balls of yarn left. Decided to stop knitting.

Googled “join two pieces linen stitch knitting together”. No results found. Tried inventive re-wording to no avail. Ravelry and Pinterest unable to help. Tried sewing together with Kitchener stitch but couldn’t fathom how to do it with two colours and Knit 1 Slip 1 stitch configuration. Attempted several variations. Unsuccessfully.

Knitted two more rows as end stitches had become raggedy where sewn and unpicked. Also gave a bit of thinking time.

Decided Three Needle Bind Off may be easier having read “… great time saver because you bind off and seam together with no sewing…” Searched vainly for instructions for Three Needle Bind Off in linen stitch. Worried (slightly) that method would make obvious seam on back of blanket but past caring. Had stab at TNBO, with no slipped stitches. Tried matching knitted stitches with slipped stitches. Undid and knitted two more rows as end stitches looking raggedy again.

Finally worked out that TNBO had to be knitted in same way as previous 56 centimetres of knitting. Doh! Decided seam on back not as obvious as envisaged and hoped that join on front will loosen up with good press.

Had forethought to run line of long stitches down length of blanket to mark middle section not marked by stocking stitch. Very unusual to plan ahead like this (see above). Started snipping down middle. Realised that embroidery scissors not suitable for job even though they were near and handy. Found pair of large dressmaking scissors that made light work of cutting.

Briefly considered leaving ends to unravel on their own but thought it more prudent to tie them off and make knotted fringe as on outer edges. Tedious job that may take many evenings to complete.

The end is in sight. Should be completed by time weather turns cooler in autumn.

5 thoughts on “Diary of a Frugal Knitter (continued)

  1. I typed a comment just now but it didn’t appear. Hope you won’t be bombarded by me now! Anyway, I just wanted to say I think this is a gorgeous blanket. I love the colours and pattern.

  2. I love this blanket! The mix of colours is just fantastically and bravely effective, As is the steek! Looking forward to seeing finished cosy blanket 🙂

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