Walking Further Afield

Last month, we went walking a little further afield than normal and I fell just a little in love with Flinders Island where the sea is crystal clear, the powdered sand beaches stretch for miles and the emptiness is achingly beautiful.

 Discovering hidden beaches.

Where walking trails like the one above near Castle Rock are marked only by stone cairns and the occasional directional arrow as they cross boulders covered with orange lichen and weathered rocks.


Even ‘Private’ signs lack the imperiousness of some at home.


Castle Rock, Flinders Island

As we walked, dropping down to deserted beaches in secluded coves, it made me think that no matter how much I might extol the virtues of walking along the Essex coastline, it  doesn’t quite compare.





15 thoughts on “Walking Further Afield

  1. Thank you for taking us along to this far-away island & sharing your beautiful photos . The ancient rocks & lovely, lonely beaches are an energizing tonic on this frozen, shivery morning in Western North Carolina.

    1. As I sit here on a grey, wet morning it’s hard to believe we were basking in sunshine just a couple of weeks ago.

  2. That looks absolutely glorious. We saw very similar red rocks on the north east coast of Tasmania itself (in rather less clement weather!) which is hardly surprising given how close the two places are. I’d never heard of Flinders Island but have fallen in love with it already. I hope you’ll tell us more?

    1. The rocks are amazing aren’t they? Flinders Island was our favourite part of the Tasmania trip.

    1. Flinders Island is north east of Tasmania. Not many beautiful gardens there though!

  3. I do hope you enjoyed your trip to Australia – this looks wonderful! I have never been to Flinders Island, I believe it can get quite wild and windy, but it looks as though it stayed calm for your visit! It is wonderful scenery, and your pictures certainly do it justice!

    1. Flinders Island was wonderfully calm (unlike the hailstones and snow near Cradle Mountain in Tasmania) and the scenery was amazing. I loved the deserted beaches – there were so many!

  4. Hello Anne…somewhere along the way I lost the internet path to Mud Splattered Boots, so good to be back. Phew! Lovely photos and words, I am so pleased you enjoyed Flinders Island. It looks like the weather was glorious for you. We often say how much we would love to go back. One day x

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