January Diary

Spent last week of 2018 in slothful idleness eating Christmas Day leftovers and chocolates, reading books and enjoying the sunrise while taking Morris Leader of the Fox Terriers for short walks. Almost missed marking the start of 2019 as preoccupied having fun with good friends, though general agreement was that exact timing is desirable but not essential.

Spent much of first week of 2019 clearing Christmas Barn of remaining stock and shop fittings. All now boxed, labelled and stored away. Found decapitated fairy head behind shelving, another victim of unforgiving concrete floor. Tried to reduce amount of glitter on 2018 Christmas ornaments but still much glitter to sweep up. This year will try even harder. Will also challenge suppliers on packaging as there is too much that cannot be recycled.

Have abandoned knitted blanket for time being as only dingy colours of waste wool left. Will pick up again later when brighter coloured wool to hand. Been patching trousers as alternative “something to do with my hands in the evening” project. Revelling in joy of visible mending and making most of time while grandchildren are too young to be embarrassed by it. Overjoyed to discover that easiest way to turn over edges and keep patch in place while sewing is to use glue stick. Much easier than pins. Fewer bloodstains left too. Probably better way to temporarily fix hem than previous method of using office stapler.

Have compiled photograph book for 2018. Fairly eventful year for the family, especially with all the house moves, though much seems to have gone unphotographed. Those photographs taken now uploaded and book awaited. Content that if all technology fails will always have proper book of photos for every year. [Note to self: Spend more time lazing in a hammock in 2019.]

A good start to the year.

12 thoughts on “January Diary

  1. Happy New Year. Sounds like you’re having a mellow time. Thanks for the hint about the glue stick to make sewing easier. All the best from the US!

  2. I’m so pleased to learn about the glue stick too! Who’d have thought it?! – just so simple! may 2019 bring many more such simple answers to trying problems (and I guess you’ll know what I’m thinking about 🙂 ) Happy New Year!

  3. I’m so pleased to learn about the glue stick too! Who’d have thought it?! May 2019 bring many more simple answers to trying problems (and I guess you’ll know what I have in mind 🙂 ) Happy New Year!

  4. Love that last shot Anne .. Wish we had a hammock in the garden! Ah house moves, big job! Enjoy the new home … Happy New Year

  5. None of my mending ever looks that great! I never thought of using colourful visible stitches. I also never thought of using glue to attach patches (and scout badges), which is really quite unbelievable because I use glue to stick fabric around paper shapes for English paper piecing – not that big a leap to make 🙂

    1. My mending has always been visible, no matter how hard I tried to make it look invisible, so eventually I decided to embrace the look.

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