What a day

Woken by husband in early hours with news of referendum shock. Discussed (briefly). Turned on radio and drifted in and out of sleep to sounds of political turmoil. Leapt out of bed at time check, ate breakfast and complained that the kitchen clock had stopped again. Checked another clock for correct time and realised I’d misheard the time check and got up an hour early.

Took Morris the Fox Terrier for a walk across the fields. Met a man with two dogs that snarled at us as they strained at their harnesses. Passed them without incident. In an act of bravado/stupidity, Morris slipped his collar and ran back to bark at them. Result: Two dogs pinning my dog to the ground by his neck; man lying on ground trying to prize jaws apart; much yelping (my dog); tearful pleading (him); swearing and hitting (me); determination to kill (his dogs). Finally, he managed to pull his dogs off. We parted on not altogether civil terms.

Bloody dog taken to vet who discovers six puncture wounds (one only a millimetre from his jugular vein), skin tears and bruising. Dog returned home with quantity of expensive medication and spends the day sitting very quietly.

Mop floor where washing machine leaks slightly and hang out sheets on the washing line to dry. Go out twice to pick them up as they’ve come unpegged. Ignore slightly dirty corner of one sheet.

Start sweeping and discover suspicious bare patch and ‘bits’ (again) in one corner of the sitting room carpet.  Google carpet moth. Confirm suspicion of carpet moth infestation. Move all furniture, roll up carpet and underlay and throw it out of front door.

Resume sweeping and find a penny. Remember old rhyme – find a penny, pick it up and all day long you’ll have good luck. Have tucked penny into pocket and await a turn in fortune.

If not, I shall resort to gin.

23 thoughts on “What a day

  1. Oh God what a day it has been. Woke up this morning to our news (Canada) to news of Britain. Trying to wrap my head around how this will play out and the state of the pound and our dropping dollar. I didn’t realize how it would affect our dollar as quickly! All week I was worried about getting my imports, mainly chocolate and crisps! The impact is much greater. Though my daughter after overhearing my husband and I talking said “mommy can we go to the British store this weekend” she is worried about her treats too!!
    Hope the dog is on the mend that sounds very traumatic!

  2. Gosh, how awful. You definitely need a stiff gin after the adrenalin rush of the dog incident. Poor Morris – hope he’s ok. I find there’s nothing better than throwing something when I’m feeling at odds with the world, so I hope the carpet-chucking helped (although, if it was a much-loved carpet it obviously wouldn’t have helped at all). After the shocking news this morning, that penny might come in handy.

  3. Yes, what a day!

    I was really shocked when I woke up to what a very slim majority had decided for Britain.

    My butcher said he hoped now there would be less poor-quality meat coming into the country but realistically I’d rather the consumer and not the voter decided that.

  4. Anne, yes what a day. I can’t say I am a fan of referendums. I think they just splits societies. Don’t we elect politicians to make decisions on our behalf? I think the decision may even affect Australia’s election. It is certainly affecting the Australian dollar.
    I doubt Morris (and the rest) will learn from his (their) mistake so you better have that gin.

  5. I agree with Glenda above. I use to have a rat terrier & a cocker mix (both pick ups by the sides of the road) & they often tore into each other over who knows what? Bloody wounds, vet bills, grief galore. And then I picked up a pit bull, & everyone settle down, though she was sweet, just a presence that sobered them up. But I too recommend the gin, old reliable! The rest may sort itself out before Trumpageddon–one sincerely hopes.

  6. Oh your poor pup! Not a goodmwaymtomstart the day for you or him. Hope he’s learned but for some reason I don’t think so.

    From the sounds of things, you’d better hang on to that penny! I do hope Americans can learn from this when it comes to our elections this November. So much hatred and anger being tossed around and the media just fanning the flames. Alas, I also see that Trump is over in Scotland bragging about knowing what would happen and how much money he’ll be making off this. Please don’t think all Americans are like that ass.

  7. Poor Morris, I hope he is not too traumatised, it sounds like an awful attack. I couldn’t quite face reality today and opened the bottle just after lunch. Still, life must go on. I think we have carpet moths, too and I think I’ll worry about those for a bit, continuing to ignore reality. Maybe I’ll find a penny when I roll up my rug. We’ll need more than one.

  8. Thinking of you all Anne and how Britain’s situation will impact the whole world. Would be interested to hear your viewpoint on how it will affect you in agriculture.
    Morris’s incident would have been traumatic to watch unfold… I bet the minutes passed slowly. Hopefully his recovery is swift and thorough.
    Here’s to better days ahead.

  9. My sympathies. I recommend you go for the gin or maybe another walk (dogless) with gin in hand. Ugh, carpet moths. What a day is right. Those fox terriers like to be brave. Sometimes it’s best not. Maybe he needs a harness, which he couldn’t slip…I hope tomorrow is better.

  10. Yup, we were also in shock this morning.The majority of Scotland voted to remain, so a lot of debate about whether this could lead to a second independence referendum in Scotland. Also thoughts of running away to relatives in Canada! Hope Morris is OK.I think gin is a must today!

  11. What a day, indeed! Really sorry about Morris – hope he doesn’t take long to get back to his old ebullient self. Not surprised he sat quietly after that little lot though. Nor you either, with gin in hand, I hope! Hope the weekend is rather less eventful for you (& Morris!) E x

  12. Writing this the day after the day before………. Hope Morris is OK – did you have your gin anyway……?


  13. Writing this the day after the day before. Hope Morris is OK – did you have your gin anyway?

  14. For goodness sake, what a day for us all wherever in the world we are! Have a gin my dear Anne, and I’ll join you!

  15. Hello Anne, I cannot pretend to fully understand the detail of this referendum but we do seem to live in a crazy world. What a day indeed. I hope dear Morris is on the mend.

  16. I think the whole of the UK is in shock over the referendum, shocks reverberating around the world. I really thought ‘remain’ would just get over the line … oddly, I haven’t come across anyone yet who admits to voting ‘leave’, maybe they are just laying low for now, or it is a reflection of the people that I am in contact with. There are many unanswered questions ahead … Morris is crazy-brave, good thing you have the gin!

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