The View from the Back Door


Every morning, I pull on my boots to take Morris the fox terrier for a walk and open the back door. Each day the view changes imperceptibly. This is the current view.

herb bed

Four raised herb beds outside the back door, though this bed has been infiltrated by lady’s mantle, antirrhinum and aquilegia, which can stay because I like them. Just close enough to dash out barefoot to grab a few herbs mid-way through cooking.

hen on chair

The fruit trees just beyond the herb beds. It’s good to see that this chair is getting some use. In my mind, I spend lazy Sunday afternoons sitting in the shade of the crab apple tree reading a good book.  In reality, the hen makes more use of the chair.


Every time I walk through this rose arch, I breathe in the delicious scent of the roses and brush past the lavender. There is a bit of ducking as I pass through the arch (must push back that branch so that it grows over the arch and not across) and a little sidestep to avoid the stinging nettles (must pull them out). While the roses are flowering, the pathway is strewn with rose petals, which would be rather more romantic if the main user of the path wasn’t the postman. I hope Colin appreciates them.


first day of summer rain on the window

This is the view today before I opened the back door. Rain. And then more Rain. On the first day of summer. Let’s hope it isn’t a foretaste of the months ahead.

What do you see from your back door? Put up some photos somewhere, send me the link and I’ll share it here. It would be good to know what we all see.

Here are some views from back doors:

Helen at Silverbells Steps Out

Elizabeth on Instagram

Brian at Our Garden@19

And for more views of wonderful gardens, take a look at these:

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31 thoughts on “The View from the Back Door

  1. Oh I love that arch! What a beautiful old garden – your back door is so English – I might come and visit you and your garden one day – i do miss the English gardens.. c

    1. The last of the chilly days but rather a lot of water in our part of the world just recently. Apple blossom must be one of the best views from the back door.

  2. Finally the rain has stopped here after stair-rods for over 24 hours. That’s it now, the garden is watered thank you very much.
    It looks like your hen is practicing her balancing skills.

  3. I walk out my kitchen door to a large rose and westeria arch that since we are now in winter is shedding leaves all over trick path I rake these on to the bluebells on the left side and on the right is a beautiful bed of roses rosemary fushias violets and Daisy’s in their season above the blue bells and in the rookery are many different bulbs from daffodil to anemones ranunculus salvia’s wormwood a small maple tree and an Apple tree also throw in season and other herb a bit of a mix but normally something in flower a lot of the year a few photos on my Instagram site ElizabethStreeter21 thankyou for blog

    1. Your walk from the kitchen door sounds wonderful. What good planning to normally have something if flower – it must be lovely to see every day.

  4. What magnificence awaits you outside your back door. Glorious and beautiful! I remember Celi did this a while ago. I will try and get cracking to share outside my back door. Sadly not much blogging has been happening at all the past while.
    Have a happy day.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  5. How lovely to have herbs just outside your door. Our back door is really our front door, i.e., the main one we use to access the house, as the original ‘front door’ is the wrong side of the house for regular coming and going. Confused?! Anyway the back/front door is north-facing and shaded by our neighbour’s large copper beech so not good for herb-growing just outside, sadly. Not blogging this week as too busy with work but will do a pic or two when I can. Hope the sun comes out (v rainy here yesterday, too) and you get to sit in that chair soon. x

  6. When I look at the pictures of your lovely garden bucolic is the word that springs to mind. Also at first glance I read that you had ducklings in your rose arch then I slowed down and re read! It is fiercely windy and cold here tonight in Northern NSW, one of our rare true winter nights. I have a cracking fire and made lamb and lentils for supper, embracing the winter whilst its here! My dog wants to embrace the fire as well but I have new piglets on the ground and today I saw a wild dog (probably also cold and hungry) so my dog has to stay outside tonight to protect whats ours, he has a big wooly coat so he will be fine. I just checked on the piglets and they are buried under a foot of straw, when I shined the light their way they honked at me from the depths of their bed, so sweet.

    1. Hope the piglets are surviving. Sometimes ours used to burrow so far under the straw that I thought they’d left home, until I heard a snuffle and the straw moved. Luckily we don’t have to contend with wild dogs.

  7. Your back garden is beautiful Anne. I see mostly a steep terraced wilderness, with a trampoline way at the top and artichokes, lots of artichokes. Hope the rain has stopped where you are.

    1. Do you eat your artichokes? Mine always look so beautiful that I can’t bring myself to cut them, especially as they’re not my favourite vegetable (too much faff).

  8. Love the view from the back door. Wish my herb garden was that close 😃 wonderful pic of the chicken. I truly hope your postman appreciates that garden .. Gorgeous Anne 😃

    1. The chicken had been sitting on the chair for ages but jumped up when I approached with the camera. I noticed she soon returned when I’d gone back inside.

  9. Anne, you have such an eye for photography. I always enjoy your photos. I love that herb garden but the arch – oh would I love something like that. As a matter of fact I do have a spot where I think one would look very nice.

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