Almost there!

Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve, we’ll close the doors of the Christmas barns at noon and say goodbye to glittering baubles and decorations. I am a little sparkled out and ready to embrace a simpler style of Christmas decorating so we’ll cut down a Norway Spruce tree from the field and gather armfuls of holly, ivy and mistletoe to adorn the house ready for much eating, drinking and merriment.

So far, my only decorating has been to make a wreath for the door this afternoon. I thought it was round, but looking at the photograph, I appear to have made a Christmas tree shaped wreath.

Christmas tree shaped wreath


Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year.

Back in 2016.

Anne x

28 thoughts on “Almost there!

  1. Wishing you and yours every happiness for the festive season too Anne. May 2016 bring a level of peace to this crazy world (or at very least our own little piece of it).

  2. Gathering armfuls of holly! Oh, I am so envious. Last Friday I collected 40feet of spruce garlands and 2 wreaths from a talented friend who makes them and then added my small contribution of winterberry and mahonia in a small Japanese door vase. Feeling festive. Next to decorate our tree, gifted by our local tree farmer. Have a wonderful Christmas.

    1. Forty feet sounds a lot – how lucky you are to have such a talented friend. Hoping I shall feel festive by the end of tomorrow when the house smells of Christmas.

  3. Merry Christmas, Anne, to you and yours! I love reading, here…thanks for writing and sharing a glimpse of country life in Essex! Love, Jen in Nova Scotia.

  4. Have a wonderfully relaxing and happy Christmas. I’m glad you’re not all completely Christmassy-d out! Simple and natural sounds lovely.

  5. I love the wreath! Looks like some guinea fowl feathers in there? I hope your Christmas has been lovely and the new year brings all good things.

  6. I love you uniquely shaped wreath! I particularly like your feathery touch! Are they guinea fowl? They look like our Guineas’ plumage.
    Happy New year when it arrives!

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