On the farm in December

Christmas Barn at Slamseys

On the farm, there’s not much to do in the fields apart from keeping the pigeons off the oilseed rape crop, which means the gas guns need checking to make sure there’ll still working and haven’t been vandalised or stolen, the scarecrows and various whirling, blowing and flapping devices need moving around the field and standing up after they’ve been blown over in the wind. The rest of our time is spent working with the Christmas trees.

Christmas tree barn at Slamseys

This weekend will be our busiest of the season. The Christmas Tree Barn has been filled with Christmas trees and the netting machines are lined up ready for action.

Christmas decorations at Slamseys

The Barley Barn is filled with reindeer headbands, decorations and Slamseys Gin.

vintage corner

There are vintage items to investigate

photo props

and photo props. Should you need some.

5 steps to a wonderful Christmas Tree

And if you haven’t bought your Christmas tree yet, here’s quick guide to making sure you buy a wonderful Christmas tree this year.

16 thoughts on “On the farm in December

  1. Too bad, I can’t drop by and get a tree from you and some other goodies. That would be my kind of Christmas shopping . I hope you sell everything

  2. It all looks very festive Anne, especially with the snow. If we lived near by we would be visiting for a tree and a drop of gin!. Have a good weekend.
    PS. Our Christmas celebrations begin tomorrow, Christmas Lunch with the Black Pear Gardening Club.

  3. Your shop looks fantastic and I really like the way your trees are displayed. I wish we lived closer! The farm where we get our trees has them all jumbled up, lying down in a field. It’s always fun to go and choose a tree and then try to fit it in the car 🌲 Good luck with the pre-Christmas rush x

  4. This is just incredible Anne…so traditional compared to our rather hot, dusty Christmas! Those trees look beautiful all lined up ready for new homes. Such a gorgeous dog friend x

  5. I’d love a Christmas shop like yours nearby! I really like how your Christmas trees are displayed, perfect for a fussy tree shoppers like me. The Jack Russell on your photo looks just like mine, very cute.

  6. Dear Anne… I LOVE the new look of your web site… forgive me for not popping in for a while, I’ve been working on writing my family’s memoir. I had no idea you had a Christmas tree farm… how wonderful! It looks so, so lovely! xxx

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