my week in photos

valentine biscuits
Biscuits for Valentines day


I’ve tried so hard to love Instagram. It’s fun to see what my nieces and nephews are up to even if I don’t understand the terminology sometimes; Nancy’s photos of street scenes from Shanghai amaze me;  the work of Elle as she photographs the process of taxidermy enthralls me. I like impromptu photos. Just a brief glimpse of someone’s life. No need for a long narrative. A picture of a slice of cake doesn’t need a recipe. No need to give detailed pattern instructions for a piece of knitting.

And yet … I’m sorry but I just don’t love you Instagram. Maybe it’s because I have such a lousy camera on my phone that it’s not worth using. Maybe it’s because I don’t commute on the train or bus every day or sit in the car waiting for school pick-up so I don’t have snatches of time that would be perfect to whip out my phone and flick through. Maybe I just don’t want to make the time because of course I could check my phone at meal times, when I’m out with friends or during the interval at the theatre – but hey, that’s a topic to rant about on its own.

It seems the attraction of Instagram will remain lukewarm for the time being. Something to dip into every now and then rather than a “must check” every day. Meanwhile, this week my photos are here and not on Instagram. This may or may not become an irregular feature *.



stable block slamseys farm
The new stable block at Slamseys Farm
hand knitted cardigan for baby
Knitting a cardigan for a baby. I’d forgotten how quick it is.
pheasant feathers
One of the wonderful things about living in the country is the unexpected visitor bearing gifts like these pheasants.
jelly printing doodle books
What to do with all the practice jelly prints. Make little books to doodle in or write lists in.
What about you? Are you an enthusisastic Instagram participant? Go on then, persuade me why I should love it.


 * I am rather prone to starting things with gusto on the blog, which peter out a few months later.

36 thoughts on “my week in photos

  1. Love this Anne, no Insta for me either…yet. I am trying so hard to avoid another distraction. Is that lovely stable for your horses? I love the heart biscuits! Happy weekend to you!

    1. We let the stables out to someone who runs a livery yard here. I get to see beautiful horses grazing in the fields with none of the work or expense of looking after them.

  2. I love Instagram, possibly too much. Though, I still have younger children and use it (as you suggest) as a filler activity when waiting at school pick up and the like. I also view it more as a creative activity than a ‘take a snapshot’ activity, as a chance to record or create something pretty or interesting. The thrill for me is seeing the beautiful and creative images that others post and learning from them. Whew! I guess I had a lot to say about it. BTW I am new to your blog and have very much enjoyed your beautiful photos too.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. There are some amazing photos on IG; it’s just a bit disconcerting to go from a gorgeous landscape to someone’s toe as they sit in the chiropodist’s chair! Love your white line printing.

      1. You’re absolutely right! I hadn’t thought of it that way, but yes, it is disconcerting. I keep feeling really surprised by photos of summer in the southern hemisphere since we are currently surrounded by mountains of snow.

  3. Blogging is my first social media love – it gives people time to reflect and mull over issues and write thoughtful prose. I can see why people like instagram and facebook and twitter but they seem to be about living life in a rush. So I love seeing your photos (gorgeous bikkies) and hearing your musing but have not yet embraced instagram – it just seems another drain on my time.

  4. Ok, so I’ve watched your jelly print video a few times and I just said out loud, “she jelly printed a cow?” 😉 I love seeing your photos wherever you choose to post them. And given you’ve just had a wedding in the family, I’m a bit scared to ask who the baby clothes are for.. 😉

  5. Never used Instagram and I’ve never heard of jelly prints! I’m to really into crafts though. I obviously need to get out more! Beautiful knitting, so even and those feathers are stunning.

  6. I haven’t succumbed to Instagram yet and feel I mustn’t! Not enough time to blog properly as it is. I love your collection of photos and I really like your comments with them. Wouldn’t be the same without. Do you run jelly-printing workshops in your barn ever? If you don’t, please do and please let me know! E x

  7. Your photos amaze me too – whether it’s here or on instagram. When I saw the picture of the farm building in the last post with the blue sky and the huge roofs I literally ooohed at the screen (hmmm…is that even a word?). I like instagram – it connects me to my friends and family around the world without a lot of effort and very few words!

  8. Love this collection of photos – and I’m glad you decided to put them on your blog. I also love your commentary which would be missed or truncated in instagram. I have too many things happening in my life (as I am sure you do, too!) to be a slave to social media – hence my preference for one (the blog) which suits my needs for occasional stories and recipes rather than bits and pieces of images and texts that make up instagram and twitter. However, I was tempted with twitter when I heard of Celia’s bread/sourdough conversations!

  9. We stopped for lunch someplace last weekend and I found it amazing how many people were sitting scrolling through stuff on their phones, people with partners and in groups of friends. Whatever happened to face to face conversation then?

    1. I remember we used to think it odd when couples sat opposite each other in restaurants and didn’t speak to each other but somehow that doesn’t seem half so bad as when they both have their heads down concentrating on their phones.

  10. I cannot get my head round instagram, and besides I don’t like giving my mobile number to all and sundry.
    The biscuits look yum, and that little cardigan is gorgeous. Love the jelly prints

  11. Beautiful photos and snippets of what’s been happening in your life this week Anne! Love it! I’ve not succumbed to Instagram yet… it seems like just another thing that would take time away from reading, chatting and the like!

  12. I guess I just haven’t found any need to use instagram…probably I don’t really understand it (along with things like tweeting). I’d just as soon look at your beautiful pics on your blogs (which I think are great, especially if they’ve been done on a phone!). Some people have an eye for framing & taking a picture to make anything look interesting – you’ve got that eye.

  13. i love instagram! it is my fave social media thing, and no trolls which is even better. your biscuits look just beautiful. so pretty. I was trying to leave a comment on your IMK post but it must be full up:) nowhere to do so. Loved your utensil jar and the spurtle. I have a couple; they are so good for stirring porridge.

  14. Gosh I am annoyed with myself, i was wracking my brains the other day trying to think of a UK farmer to do a guest post for me while I am in California..and there you are.. my brain is a seive.. is it too late? Could you do a wee post for me for this coming Saturday? email me on I know your fellows in the Fellowship would love a wee tour of your farm.. you don’t have to worry about new shots, just pick a few of your favourites.. what do you think? c

  15. That baby cardigan is sweet! Almost makes me want to take up knitting. But no, any type of needlework makes me cross-eyed and crabby! No, I’m not on Instagram (or Facebook or …); my blog and Twitter are about all I can manage.

  16. I suppose it’s just as well we don’t all like the same things, isn’t it? Instagram and I have been soul mates since I first downloaded the app. I do think there is a certain ‘etiquette’ about any social media that one needs to try and learn, and some people don’t bother. It isn’t much different in the day to day world. I enjoyed your photos here Anne, thank you for sharing them.

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