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black bryony berries S

… vivid colours in the hedgerows. The black bryony twists its way through the bare branches of hedges with its ropes of brilliant red berries glistening like jewels. Alas, the berries are poisonous and not to be picked for jams and jellies but they brighten up a walk on a grey overcast day.

Over the summer Ruth and I made S shapes around the farm from flowers, leaves, fruit, branches and stones that we laid out on paths or in the fields and called temporary land art. I’m not sure if anyone else noticed them, other than the dogs who cocked their legs over the large stones, but we had fun. Paired with ivy growing by the old unused gateway to the garden, the black bryony berries were ideal for a November S for Slamseys.

What’s inspired you this week?

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  1. A lovely lady came and helped my to give my garden an overhaul, ready for some spring replanting. We found all sorts of things that had self seeded including some blackberries that have appeared suspiciously near the compost heap and have now been trained up the wall so hoping for a bumper crop next year.

  2. S for bonfire smoke … that’s what was inspiring me this week … I’ve been dyeing things smoke grey using blackberry leaves and a pinch of iron. My ‘s’ is useful, your ‘s’ is prettier!

  3. This is so very pretty! I like the idea (above) for a festive wreath. It certainly fits!

    I just posted today about unexpected fall inspiration. It’s been very cold here, and that quintessential ‘fall look’ is gone. Winter is coming. But I managed to get outside and find a little beauty buried beneath the leaves in our deserted garden.

  4. how beautiful!
    good weather over the weekend inspired me to be outside every possible moment, soaking up sunshine (there’s some Ss) before a week of being trapped in an office again…

  5. What a gorgeous image. That bryony would make a beautiful wreath. I am inspired by the leaves and the woods at the moment. There’s nothing like the woods at this time of year. x

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