5 good things for Easter

five good things for Easter …

playing with fire

ONE: Playing with fire as we try out some ideas for  courses at Slamseys Art. Foraging walk with lunch cooked on the campfire anyone?


TWO: Bread Huffers, which seemed appropriate for Easter time.

hot cross buns

THREE: Cross Buns.

Hot Cross Buns today. Toasted Cross Buns tomorrow. Bread and Butter pudding for Easter Sunday.

Easter biscuits

FOUR: Easter Biscuits, which should be round but aren’t. Ignoring instructions to roll out the dough and use a cutter, I thought it would be easier to make a log and cut it into slices. Those pesky little currants proved rather difficult to saw through and the log grew flatter and more misshapen as I progressed.

FIVE: Young people doing good things. Essex Young Farmers is a fantastic organisation whose chart-topping challenge is in aid of the NFYFC’s Rural+ campaign, which is raising money for the charities Young Minds UK and The Farming Community Network. The campaign aims to raise awareness of rural isolation and mental health issues in young people and support those who suffer from, or are affected by them. 

You can read more here:


And now, the sun is shining and I’m going outside to sow seeds and sort out the flower beds. Got to get it looking pretty for June.

24 thoughts on “5 good things for Easter

  1. I’ve been on a foraging walk in Cornwall. We cooked limpets, nettle and other nice things on the fire. It was a great experience and I would happily go again.
    I forgot all about hot cross buns, how could I. I must get some started this evening. Enjoy your Easter weekend, Anne. xx

  2. Gorgeous hotcross buns and I bet the Easter biscuits are yummy too. Hope you enjoyed your time outside planting, I made the most of the sunshine too & ransacked the seed box.

  3. Looks like you have lots of good things for Easter. I hadn’t heard of huffers before, but have found your recipe now and am going to have a go at making them soon. Have a great Easter weekend Anne.

  4. Hello Anne. Your Easter looks good…fires and bread just go together at this time of the year don’t they? I bet those biscuits were delicious, I like the noughts and crosses styling! That video is genius, very clever! Young farmers being positive, upbeat and media savvy can only be good for farming. Mental health in rural areas is a problem here too. Happy Easter x

  5. Love the video. The younger Mudlets made me replay it and Little Mudlet found the shots of the lamb running after the cow really funny. Have forwarded the you-tube link to Eldest Mudlet who will no doubt share it with her friends.

    Those Hot Crossed buns look particularly tasty. I’ve never actually made Hot Crossed buns before but I think I might have to have a go Have a good Easter.

  6. Looks delicious! Those hot cross buns have me thinking about whether I have any extra time to whip some up. You’ve definitely inspired me 🙂
    Happy Easter!

  7. Your hot cross buns look delectable. I only made them the one time, and found it a faff, but yours make me think I should have another go next year. Happy Easter to you. x

  8. Beautiful looking buns. Funny I thought I’d commented on your post but realized I got caught up in the link to your workshop link which looks absolutely fantastic. I wish that I lived closer be amused I’d sign up for them all.

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