the sun has got his hat on …

… hip, hip, hooray * and the week has rushed by in a blur of summer sunshine.

summer vegetables
summer vegetables

Ruby red raspberries picked every day and infused in gin.
Lazy suppers with  barbecues over an old fire grate  and salads of vegetables just picked from the garden.
Rose Petal Jam made with the last of the roses.
Six ducklings still alive and growing fast.
A Royal baby.
Office work rushed through or bundled into a drawer and ignored.
No time for computers, photos and blogging.
I’m just enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.
Guess what – rain forecast tomorrow.

* Beth held a giveaway at a recent show – the first person to buy a bottle of Slamseys Gin and sing “the sun has got his hat on” won a free set of miniature bottles of gin.

9 thoughts on “the sun has got his hat on …

  1. Sounds like you have been having a good time in the sunshine – trouble is, I don’t know about you, but it has been too hot for me to do any gardening and I have permanently had the hosepipe in my hand trying to keep everything going. Great time of year for crops though, so much choice at the moment – I’m beginning to look like a lettuce with the amount of salads we are having. And I am way behind with following blogs.

    1. I’m terrible at watering and things in the garden have a choice – live or die. Only when plants are on their last legs do I realise what’s happening and get out the watering can. We seem to eat lettuce at every meal too!

  2. Enjoy the sunshine Anne, beautiful colour in your vegetables. I am so excited about the Royal baby too…I think I have told you before I adore the Royal family 🙂

  3. It was lovely while it lasted, wasn’t it!

    Now we have rain and wind, as I’m sure you have as well. Never mind, your photos are a lovely reminder that we did have some lovely weather.

  4. I’d have so nailed Beth’s competition 😀

    Hope you still have the odd peek of sun but I’m guessing you actually got rather wet.

    1. Ha! I wish you’d been there. Even though the competition ran over two days, there was only one person willing to sing, though she was apparently very excited about the whole thing and was one of the first people into the food hall.

  5. Very tardy replying to this, have been neglecting computer, blogging etc too – totally agree re enjoying our lovely summer while it’s here. Lovely, evocative list and I do like the idea of picking raspberries daily to steep in gin!

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