on the farm this week

This week we’ve had sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine! A quick walk along the farm track shows how quickly the crops are ripening.

wheat Gardeners Field July 2013The wheat in Gardeners Field is just beginning to turn from green to golden. The countdown to harvest is beginning with trailers checked over, barns swept and paperwork prepared.

oilseed rape cropThe pods on the oilseed rape crop have filled out. Earlier this year, when the leaves had been eaten away by pigeons, (here’s the photos) we had to decide whether to leave the crop in the ground and hope there was enough crop left to grow or whether to plough it in and drill another crop. We decided to leave it in the ground and though it doesn’t look a fantastic crop, we will at least have something to harvest.

borage growing Essex July 2013Our neigbour was also growing oilseed rape in the field next to The Ley and over the winter we watched as flocks of pigeons flew from our field to their field and back again. Next door they decided to plough up their oilseed rape and drilled borage in its place and now the field is a sea of blue flowers. The tiny black seeds will be harvested for their oil.

ducklingsOne of my ducks has hatched off six pretty little ducklings. Having sat on her nest for a month with the sun glaring down, the mother duck was keen to get onto the pond with her brood as soon as she was satisfied that all the eggs that contained ducklings had hatched. She pushed the unhatched eggs out of her nest, rounded up her little family and headed for the pond. She walked up the ramp but of course the ducklings took the difficult route, having to jump up two steps each higher than themselves. They launched themselves upwards, flapping their immature wings and after a couple of attempts scrambled up, while their mother called them to follow.

ducklings swimming on pondHaving negotiated the steps and the walk across a small yard past parked vans, the ducklings tumbled down the bank of the pond  and plopped into the water. They took to it like … ducks to water and spent the rest of the day swimming around with the other ducks. Now they stand patiently by the gate with the others waiting to be let out every morning and each day the jump up the step seems a little easier.

13 thoughts on “on the farm this week

      1. I should perhaps add that although I’m enjoying the sunshine, the crops are not doing well with this spell of hot, dry weather and it’s likely to be another poor harvest as a result.

  1. Those ducklings are soooo cute! Wish I had a pond to take a dip in, we are sweltering!

  2. I’m glad your oil seed rape survived enough to be worth while. I also love that field of borage ~ it’s a good job I’m not a farmer or I would be growing crops for how they look rather than the yield.

    In fact, there would be hundreds of ducklings and I would have to have a bigger pond dug for them.

    I hope your wheat ripens well.

    1. I have the best of both worlds – the borage looks pretty next door but we don’t have the hassle of combining it. Though the ducklings are terribly sweet now, when they grow into drakes and spend the spring time holding the poor females under the water while they all have their way with her, I’m less keen!

  3. What gorgeous pics! Full of all the best of this time of year! Love the blue borage field – we have a field of blue flowers near us and I’ve been wondering what they are so thank you for the heads up on their probable identity! Have a lovely weekend! E x

  4. Hi Anne, your first photo could literally have been plucked right off of our Canadian prairies, it holds a very familiar scene for me. No cute little ducklings for us this time of year though, how sweet they are. Love your previous post about the spamming, thanks for giving me my chuckle for the day 🙂

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