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A short update on Tuesday’s post when I went walking … and met a fox.

On Wednesday I went walking … and met a fox. It may have been the fox I saw the day before or it may have been a different one. It was mooching along the track towards me, not really concentrating. I stopped. The fox carried on walking, then suddenly saw or smelt me and turned tail and ran off. Morris the fox terrier was in the ditch looking for rabbits so completely missed the episode.

Nigel the Guinea Fowl
Nigel the Guinea Fowl

On Thursday I went walking … and didn’t meet a fox. However, in the afternoon Nigel the guinea fowl started making a terrible noise. If you’ve ever lived near guinea fowl, you’ll know that they’re noisy birds, but this was rather more insistent than usual and he didn’t sound like he was going to stop. When I heard the hens squawking too, I rushed out to the garden to find a fox just outside the back door with a hen in its mouth. The fox dropped the hen and the hen ran off, chased by the fox while I ran behind screaming at the fox and waving my arms like some demented being at which point Morris the fox terrier joined in too. When the hen ran into a corner the fox gave up and disappeared down the chase, with Morris in hot pursuit.

There was quite a heap of feathers and no sign of the hen for a while, but then I found her hiding her head behind a stone trough. The rest of her body was on full view, but she obviously thought nothing could see her if she couldn’t see them.

I’m pleased to report that the hen seems recovered this morning and even laid an egg.

Another update – this morning, I peeked in at one of the sitting ducks and saw a duckling sitting next to her. I hope it survives as ducks seem very careless mothers.

And the final update. It’s raining. Well, it is Wimbledon fortnight, so what do you expect.

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  1. That balance between nature and protecting your livestock is so difficult! I love the way you ran screaming after him. I’ve done the same in the past. I’m glad the hen survived!

  2. Very interesting post.Here in Brussels, they don’t believe in wheelie bins, and the urban foxes rip into our plastic bin bags and make a terrible mess all over the street.
    I see that hens are like the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. I think that’s the reference, anyway: it’s from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. If you meet a beast, cover your eyes: it thinks if you can’t see it, it can’t see you either.
    Glad your hen survived, anyway!

  3. So glad that the hen survived. Good for you scaring the fox away. Nigel is splendid and reminding me sadly of the Guinea Fowl who had lived in our garden and surrounding fields semi-wild for years before we arrived here. I used to feed him every day and the first thing I saw when I came into the kitchen in the morning was the Guinea Fowl pecking at the glass doors. He hated the cold winters, was very old and we were amazed when he survived our first two here – but sadly, although he’d had a great, long life he didn’t make it through last winter. Miss him around the place, I think we must get some more Guinea Fowl and domesticate them with chickens.

  4. I love chickens/hens/fowl. How ridiculous and appropriate all at the same time to hide your head and keep the tastiest bits on display. Poor dear!

  5. Oh I do like your guinea fowl! I have been making noises about adding one or two to the bantam brigade here but haven’t quite managed it yet! They are noisy but personable I gather! A bit like peacocks – did you read about John Humphreys’ peacock in Greece? if not google John Humphreys and Henry! It will make you laugh! So glad it’s one nil to you and not the fox! Morris clearly needs to man the watchtowers as I know foxes tend to return to where they’ve identified rich pickings! Hope you have a fox-free weekend! E x

      1. When I was 18, I went to visit Pete’s family for the first time on their semi-rural property. When we arrived, the car was surrounded by a flock of geese, and I was absolutely terrified – refused to get out! Pete’s mum was pissing herself – that definitely wasn’t the first impression I was hoping to make! 🙂

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